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The greatest compliment one can receive is a referral to your friends, family and associates. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team.

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Revitalize your business with consistent referrals from trusted partners. See how ROI can help build your business. Find the nearest chapter location.

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People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Become part of the area’s leading referral group and help others build their business while building yours.

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About Us

ROI Network NFP Inc. (ROI) is the premier business referral group of Northwest Indiana. We bring together professionals from area businesses to generate business across many industries. Our unique culture selects only one business category representative per chapter, creating a non-compete environment that allows members to focus on growing their business and generating referrals for the members of the chapter.

Unlike most traditional networking groups, our chapters meet weekly and require at least one business-to-business meeting between our members on a monthly basis. This allows for the opportunity to meet with, get to know and understand potential business partners, and to develop relationships that last a lifetime. This also allows our members to build a strong marketing team within the membership.

Our basic meeting format allows an opportunity for 30-second member introductions or as we call them commercials,  5-minute business educational member speaker, at least one – 10-minute in-depth business highlight by a member, testimonials, exchange of referrals, and announcements of upcoming business networking opportunities. Each chapter has a unique energy and style and we recommend you visit all that have your business category open to see which chapter fits best with your business.

Membership Requirements

  • Attendance at 3 out of 4 meetings per month, and
  • Provide at least 2 qualified referrals to fellow members each month, and
  • Conduct one business to business meeting with a fellow member each month.
  • Costs for single member – membership is $100 per calendar year

As ROI members, we strive to do and be the very best in our field and our community. Members agree to uphold the standards and practices of their individual fields and to do their utmost to care for clients, assure customer satisfaction, to follow-up on referrals in a timely manner. In addition, members shall strive to act in a manner that positively reflects the ROI chapter they belong to and supports their fellow members.

ROI is served by Leadership Teams for each Chapter and a Board of Directors. Leadership Teams are made up of 3-5 group members serving in various roles. Members of the Board of Directors work to find ways to bring the individual chapters together for the benefit of the combined membership, and also serves as a liaison between chapters. The Board hosts inter-chapter events, community relations projects and helps with local event participation.

In addition, the Board oversees the formation of additional regional chapters, maintains the web site, and supports the regional chapters as needed, ensuring each remains aligned with our mission and vision statement. The Board is also responsible for assuring that ROI Network NFP Inc. complies with all necessary laws which govern our Not-for-Profit corporate status.

Is ROI an Option for You to Grow Your Business?

Struggling to Grow Your Business?

Business owners are constantly struggling with growing their business and many don’t know where to turn to for help! ROI provides an avenue for business owners to connect with other individuals who have been in the same situation and can work together to help each others’ businesses grow.

Potential Solution!

ROI has provided many businesses throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with growth options through our unique approach to business marketing, networking, and referrals!

Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials!

ROI has proven valuable for many business owners!  From business growth, to new marketing ideas, to professional growth, to personal growth, our members have seen ROI as a valuable part of their business!  Click here to read many of our members’ testimonials!

What's the Risk?

As business owners, we need to figure out the risk for every venture we partake in! With ROI, your risk is spending $100.00 for your yearly membership fee and taking the time to meet with your chapter once per week!  Yep, that’s all!

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Now is the time to make a difference for your business! The first step would be to attend one of our chapter meetings! To learn more about the individual chapters, click here! Want to make the leap?  Click here to learn more about membership and complete an application.

What if I Don't Want to?

When we, as business owners, choose not to do something, there is always a “penalty” involved.  By not doing anything and staying the same, you can be still be faced with slow to no business growth, less business, and facing the same issues month in and month out.  ROI can act as a great avenue for growing your business through warm and hot leads!

Can ROI Grow My Business?

Find Out Below!

If you want qualified, genuine referrals, to people who are ready to do business with you, ROI is the place to be. We have a unique way of asking for and giving referrals to chapter members.  ROI is not the typical networking group. ROI is an organization where members are genuinely helping you to grow your business.

Marti Masterson
Insurance Agent
Masterson Insurance

Since I have been a member of ROI, I have not only seen my business grow, but have enjoyed becoming a part of a team focused on growing our collective businesses. The support, recommendations and introductions from other members, as well as the networking opportunities and ideas has helped me significantly to grow my business and professional character.

Scott Hodges
Pest Control Specialist
Smithereen Pest Control

When the business was first started in Illinois, we had great success. We then made the transition into Indiana and started looking for ways to grow our business here. After doing some searching, I found the ROI networking group in Crown Point. After developing relationships within everyone in the group, we started seeing tremendous success and a great return on ROI! However, I have also developed some really great friendships, as well!

Curtis Ksenak
Marketing Consultant
Phuel Strategies

I have seen my business grow as a result of being in ROI. It has given me more confidence to speak to groups. As I have gotten to know the other business owners within ROI, I have been able to help my clients, friends and family with referrals to other businesses that I know and trust. Having the additional people to help me market my business is an added bonus.

John Vurpilat
NWI Hypnosis Center

My agency has had great success from the referrals that we get from being ROI members. A warm referral from a friend, business associate or family member is the best kind!

Doug Masterson
Insurance Agent
Masterson Insurance

I would not be in business without ROI. Because of ROI, I was able to get my lawn care and landscape business off the group and continue to grow. The ROI members in my group have a close and good business relationship. We, as a group, definitely share best practices and information to help each other succeed! I totally recommend joining an established group that will help your business grow!

Alicia Leal
A&R Unlimited Services

Being apart of ROI has helped build my business, helped with my public speaking skills, and helped me meet new people.

Steph Wood
Revolution Fitness

ROI has helped me grow my business by being a great marketing team through word of mouth and testimonials on their experiences at my business.

Nicole Deren
Express Oil Change & Service Center>

I have made great connections and friends. 10 years in the group. Love the teamwork and effort. My business has grown tremendously.

Tony Shifino
AJ Specialties

ROI has helped me to network and meet local business professionals. The accountability and skills shared with this group are tremendous.

Diane Jackowski
NYR Organic

I have been in ROI for many years and have developed many good business relationships, many of whom have become good friends. Not only has my business increased, but I have also had the opportunity to learn about industries outside of my own.

Diane Kania
Insurance Agent
Lakeshore Health Insurance Brokers

I have been able to introduce Reflexology, a holistic complimentary way for better health, to many, many more people thru the referrals given me by my fellow members in ROI since its beginning 10 years ago.

Clarissa Fuller
Certified Reflexologist

I have been in ROI for about 3 years and value the relationships that I have acquired over the years! The Schererville members are caring and I have learned a lot about other aspects of business. I have also been able to grow my business in referrals, as well. Thank you, ROI!

Julie Streeter

We have expanded our security business with having the group ROI (friends and business associates) refer business to us.

Al Pante
Phil & Son, Inc. Security Technology

Since joining ROI, I have seen a shift in both my professional and personal life. We have a caring group of people dedicated to helping grow our businesses. The connections, feedback, and support is invaluable, and created great friendships as well!

Britta Neinast
Britta Neinast, Communications Coach