Following are the Guidelines and Protocols for membership in ROI. Each ROI group is led by a Leadership Team. Upholding the guidelines within each Group is the job of the leadership team and members agree to honor their decisions. The Guidelines and Protocols that follow are in place to assure our Mission and Vision statement are honored. While these elements are common to all ROI Groups, Leadership may vary some elements to best serve the needs of a particular group.


Acceptance of new members
ROI is a non-compete referral group. No two members can represent the same category in the same chapter. All applications are reviewed by the Leadership Team and references may be checked. Leadership may limit a category or create specialties within a category if it best serves the chapter. The Leadership Team will make the final decision on any application. Members may apply to join a chapter that currently has their business category open. Members cannot belong to more than 2 chapters. A member must belong to 1 chapter for a minimum of 3 months and be in good standing before they can apply to a 2nd chapter that has their business category open.

To maintain membership in good standing members are allowed only 1 excused absence per month. If a member needs to be absent for more than the 1 excused absence per month they shall contact their Leadership Team about a Leave of Absence.

Members are expected and required to give a minimum of 2 qualified referrals each month to fellow members. A qualified referral is one in which contact information is provided both to the referred business as well as to the individual or company being referred, and that referral is reported on the website and reported to the chapter. A referral needs to be new businesses with a new client or a past client utilizing a different type of service from the same member or company. The opportunity to do business must present and is subject to the Leadership Teams decision.

Business to Business Meetings
Members are expected to have at least one (1) outside meeting with a fellow member of the chapter each month. This meeting allows both members the opportunity to learn about each other and the services their business provides and better support one another as a result. B2B meetings must be reported on the website and to the chapter.

As ROI members, we strive to do our very best in our field and our community. Members agree to uphold the standards, licensures and practices of their individual fields and to do their utmost to care for clients, assure customer satisfaction, to follow-up on referrals in a timely manner, and work to resolve any conflicts. In addition, members will strive to act in a manner that positively reflects the group and supports their fellow members.

It is the job of Leadership to assure members adhere to the above Guidelines for the benefit of the chapter and all its members. Members found in lack of compliance will be contacted by Leadership and an effort made to resolve any issues. Should the issues continue, they will be asked relinquish their spot in the chapter. In addition, members found to be acting in a manner that negatively affects or poorly reflects upon the chapter at large will also be removed from membership. No refund of yearly application fees will be given. Dismissal from the chapter is the decision of the Leadership Team and all members agree to abide by their decisions.


Members may bring guests to a meeting if the business category of the guest is believed to be open. Guests may not promote their business or upcoming events until they are accepted as members. Guests may attend 2 meetings without filing an application and paying for membership.

The Leadership Team is made up of members from within the Chapter who wish to serve in this capacity. Leadership Teams consist of 3-5 members with their various responsibilities to be determined by the Team. Additional committees can be formed by the Leadership Team as needed. Acceptance of the member to the Leadership Team will be by a vote of the current leadership team. The President of the Leadership Team shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

Meeting Structure
Meetings allow an opportunity for member introductions, exchange of referrals, announcements, and member speakers. The exact structure and implementation may vary.

Should a conflict or problem arise between members who are unable to resolve them on their own, the issue can be brought to the Leadership Team for review. The Leadership Team will hear from both members and decide on an action they feel is fair, equitable, and best for the membership at large. The affected members agree to abide by their decision.

ROI Board
ROI is served by a Board of Directors. Members of the Board work to find ways to bring the individual chapters together for the benefit of the combined membership. This includes intergroup events, community relation projects, and participation in local events. It serves as a liaison between chapters so variations and practices benefitting one chapter can be easily shared with others. In addition, the Board oversees the formation of additional regional Chapters, maintains the web site, and supports the regional Chapters as needed assuring each remains aligned with our mission and vision statement. The Board is also responsible for assuring that ROI Network Inc. complies with all necessary laws which govern our corporate status.

We have 2 different Membership categories under which you may join.

Single-Member Membership The 1st category is called our Single-Member Membership. A single-member membership shall be allowed to have one, established (as noted on the application)  Business Representative attend the chapter meetings on a weekly basis, present the 30 second commercial, present either a 5 minute educational talk or a 10 minute Business Highlight talk, if and when scheduled, and to pass and receive referrals from other members of the chapter. The cost of this membership is set at $100.00 per calendar year.

Multi-Member Membership The 2nd category is called our Multi-Member Membership.  A Company holding a multi-member membership shall be allowed to have up to three, established (as noted on the application) Business Representatives attend the chapter meetings on a weekly basis, present the 30 second commercial, present either a 5 minute educational talk or a 10 minute Business Highlight talk, if scheduled, and to pass and receive referrals from other members of the chapter. Note: Only one person from the Multi-Member membership shall represent the business at each meeting.  Multiple members of the same business are not allowed to provide multiple 30 second commercials during the same meeting. The cost of this membership is set at $300.00 per calendar year.